Tips for buying & Kundan Care


Old, solid gold ornaments are sometimes filled with shellac. It is important to determine this in order to not be overcharged.

In trying to differentiate between an old and a new minakari piece, remember that the older the piece, the more intricate the design and more brilliant the colour.

 To identify imperfections in a diamond, look for tiny, rents or fissures and specks. If the diamond has any of these, it is flawed. Note also that a real diamond can never have scratches on its surface, if it does, it is not a diamond.

Genuine kundan-set crystal has a mellow, opaque appearance. Artificial kundan-set crystal is transparent and it glitters. This is due to the fact that glass has been used instead of crystal and colored tinfoil under the stones to create the illusion of color.

New cord in an old piece should not make the buyer suspicious. It could have been replaced to hold the ornament together.

Kundan Care


Here are some tips on how to take good care of your Kundan Jewellery.


When replacing the jewellery after use, wipe it with a suede cloth to restore its shine.

If space is an issue, place the jewellery in between layers of cotton wool and seal it in a good plastic bag.

 Do not clean the jewellery with soap and water.

 Keep a pouch of desiccant with the piece to protect it from tarnishing due to excessive humidity. Dampness causes the silver in the setting to tarnish and the enamel to crack.